Do I own my unit?

Yes. Workspace USA unit ownership is just the same as a residential condominium. You own the building and the land the building footprint on which it sits. The driveways, parking areas, surrounding open space, and common areas are owned and maintained by the Owners Association.

Is financing available?

Yes. Very economical, low-interest financing is available. 5-year balloon loan, 15% down, and 7.75% interest with a monthly payment based on a 25-year amortization. Other terms may be available.

Will there be monthly costs associated with my unit?

Yes, as with any condo project, there will be Owners Association fees. These monthly fees pay for the following and any other standard cost:

  • Water
  • Trash disposal
  • Septic system maintenance
  • Common area electricity usage
  • Miscellaneous common area facility repairs
  • General liability, Building Replacement and property damage insurance
  • Landscape irrigation and maintenance

We are happy to provide a detailed breakdown of all the projected fees on a unit-by-unit basis. Current Georgetown Phase 1 monthly association fees are $.26 per sq. ft. per month. Other upcoming projects should be approximately the same amount. For example, if you purchased 1,250 sq. ft., you could expect to pay approximately $325.00 per month. Since you own your unit, you will be assessed all applicable local property taxes. In most cases, as a business owner, you can expense 100% of these amounts. (Please check with your CPA)

Who pays for the electricity, internet service, phone service, or alarm monitoring in my unit?

Each unit will be individually metered. When you buy your unit, you will open an account with the local utility provider. You will then receive a monthly bill for usage.

What size units are available?

Phase 2 offers two standard suite widths, 25’ and 30’. Phase 2 Full building sizes 60×60, 75×50, 90×50 and 110×45. Unit depths range from 45’ to 60’ deep; all units have door heights of 14′. Some units can be combined side to side. We will not be offering any pull-through spaces in Phase 2.

Can I combine two or more units to create a larger one?

Yes. Units can be combined side by side or back-to-back if applicable.

Are unit sizes flexible?

Yes, some are. We have designed some units in Phase 2 so the dividing demising wall can be removed, and any two units can be combined side by side. We will not be offering any pull-through spaces in Phase 2.

Are there restrictions on my use of the unit?

Yes, there will be some restrictions regarding noise levels, overnight outside parking, pollutants, fire hazards, hazardous materials, outdoor storage, excessive water usage, trash disposal, and more, all designed to protect your and your neighbor’s investments and promote harmony in the project. Before you purchase a unit, a complete version of the filed and recorded CC&R’s will be provided to you as required by law.

Will there be a dump station?

No, There will not be a dump station in the Phase 2 development.

Will there be a wash area?

No. There will not be a wash stall in the Phase 2 development.

How wide is the driveway between buildings?

In Phase 2, there will be wide spaces to maneuver in. 18 wheelers, box trucks, those with 5th wheels, and 45′ coaches will have ample maneuvering room. Phase 2 drive aisles and parking areas are planned to be 65’ wide.

Can I live in my unit?

No, these are commercial usage condos only; you may not live in your condo or adapt your condo for any type of residential use. Restrictions regarding septic system use and City ordinances make this clear, and the CC&R’s will detail these conditions as well.

Can I operate a business from my unit?

Of course! These units are designed explicitly for permitted business uses. Please review the CC&R’s for permitted and prohibited uses.

Can I work on my vehicle in my unit?

Yes. As long as all your work is done inside your condo. The CC&R’s prohibit using any outside parking area or common areas for a workshop or a repair location to ensure the outside of the property will remain spotless and clean at all times.

Can I use my unit for a hobby or workshop?

Yes. However, there will be restrictions on noise, fumes, dust, and more. These restrictions will be spelled out in great detail in the CC&R’s for all potential buyers before they are sold.

Will there be bathrooms inside each unit?

Yes. Each unit includes a handicap-accessible restroom in addition to a small break-room with a sink and cabinetry. Our septic system design and permitting prohibits the addition of full bathrooms with showers to these units.

Can I rent out my unit?

Yes. There are no restrictions in renting out your unit as long as your tenant understands and agrees to the covenants and deed restrictions.

Will there be security on-site?

Security is a top priority for this project. Although we do not provide on-site security, the property will be under the watchful eyes of local county law enforcement. All our suites will be prepped for optional alarm systems and security cameras. Each suite owner has the option to consult with our security system subcontractor or bring in their own to install security systems and cameras as deemed necessary.

Is there security in each unit?

The units will come prepped for an optional alarm system on each door. Unit owners are encouraged to add motion and glass break detectors and retain alarm system monitoring services.

Will there be an on-site manager?

No. We do not have an on-site office at this time; although, our Workspace USA management staff is easily reachable to assist with any questions, to take care of maintenance issues, billing, and other related tasks.

Are these units tall enough for an RV?

Yes. The tallest RV allowed in most States is 13’ 6”. Each unit will have a minimum clear Overhead Door height of 14′.

Can I access my unit 24/7?

Yes. You own your condo, so you can access the property any time you wish, including holidays.

When will the units be built?

We plan to break ground on the project in November 2023 and anticipate having our first units available for occupancy in late summer to early fall 2024. We will keep you updated regularly through the mailing list. Please subscribe here to stay informed as updates become available.

Is there any fire protection?

Phase 2 units do not contain fire sprinklers or fire protection systems. At the time of construction, each unit will be furnished with a 5LB Type ABC Fire Extinguisher. Our Phase 2 project is serviced by Georgetown Fire Department and Fire Hydrants have been installed in accordance with City requirements.

How will the reservations be handled?

Your initial subscription to the mailing list is called an ‘Information Reservation.’ You can make these reservations here. Those that have taken the time to make an Information Reservation will be allowed to make a deposit at a later stage of the project. These deposits will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will be notified through the mailing initially, then by mail. You can visit the website, make your unit selection, and mail in your deposit and application. We have every reason to believe these units will sell out very quickly once the purchasing window is opened.